Overview of my puzzle designs

No. Picture Name Classification
0054 Mini Folding Puzzles, Set#2, 19 puzzles Mini Folding Puzzles, Set#2: 19 puzzles folding puzzle
0053 Seven Mini Folding Puzzles (3x3) Seven Mini Folding Puzzles (3x3) folding puzzle
0052 Nightmare on 'Truncated Ball Pyramid' Street Nightmare on 'Truncated Ball Pyramid' Street put together (3D)
0051 Simplexity Simplexity Tanglement Puzzle
0050 Markus' Mystery Box Markus' Mystery Box impossible object
0049 Make My Day Make My Day disentanglement
0048 Tea Time Cubes Tea Time Cubes interlocking
0047 Pyramid (prototype) Pyramid (prototype) put together (3D)
0046 Sweeter than Sweets Sweeter than Sweets put together (3D)
0045 Four in a Frame Four in a Frame put together (2D)
0044 More Serpentine Strings More Serpentine Strings disentanglement
0043 Cover It Cover It put together (2D)
0042 Six Serpentile Strings Six Serpentile Strings disentanglement
0041 The Cursed Square The Cursed Square put together (2D)
0040 Little Slider Little Slider put together/ interlocking
0039 Metal-Ring-Restricting-Puzzle Metal-Ring-Restricting-Puzzle disentanglement
0038 Pentagon Puzzle Pentagon Puzzle 2D assembly
0037 CubeLock [SixPack Extreme] CubeLock [SixPack Extreme] put together/ interlocking
0036 SixPack SixPack put together
0035 Jumper Jumper disentanglement
0034 Tri(2)Cover Me Tri(2)Cover Me cover up
0033 Restricting Ball Restricting Ball disentanglement
0032 Die Goldtruhe von Malaga Die Goldtruhe von Malaga put together (3D)
0031 Rhombus Flexing Rhombus Flexing folding (flexing) puzzle
0030 Level-3 Ball-Pyramid Level-3 Ball-Pyramid put together (3d) / interlocking
0029 Prisgon Prisgon put together (3d) / interlocking
0028 Double Escape Double Escape disentanglement
0027 Narrow Escape Narrow Escape disentanglement
0026 Utopian 2-Piece-Cube Utopian 2-Piece-Cube impossible object
0025 Jamaika Puzzle Jamaika Puzzle put together
0024 Keyhole to Hell Keyhole to Hell tanglement
0023 Edge-Corner-Cube II Edge-Corner-Cube II interlocking
0022 4-Quadrat/4-Square 4-Quadrat / 4-Square put together (2D)
0021 Triagonal Slide-Out Triagonal Slide-Out sliding puzzle
0020 E-Paper E-Paper put together (2D)
0019 Crazy Elephant Dance Crazy Elephant Dance sliding puzzle
0018 Faltpuzzle 1 Faltpuzzle 1 folding puzzle
0017 Sultans Examination Sultans Examination tanglement
0016 Der Fluch des Pharao Der Fluch des Pharao put together
0015 Perplexing Wire Perplexing Wire disentanglement
0014 Culax Culax route-finding/maze
0013 Quadropod Quadropod route-finding/maze
0012 15 Holes of Golf 15 Holes of Golf route-finding/maze
0011 Trirod Trirod route-finding/maze
0010 Hook-Cube Hook-Cube put-together
0009 Tetralott Tetralott put-together
0008 Edge-Corner-Cube Edge-Corner-Cube interlocking
0007 Framework Framework interlocking
0006 Cracy Cut Cube Crazy Cut Cube put-together
0005 Brunnen-Puzzle Brunnen-Puzzle put-together
0004 Rope-and-Rope Rope-and-Rope disentanglement
0003 Rope2Thick Rope2Thick disentanglement
0002 CubCub CubCub put-together
0001 Cubesnake Cubesnake put-together

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